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The act of reducing to nothing, or nonexistence; or the act of destroying the form or combination of parts under which a thing exists, so that the name can no longer be applied to it; as, the annihilation of a corporation.

  1. The act or process of annihilating.
  2. The condition of having been annihilated; utter destruction.
  3. Physics The phenomenon in which a particle and an antiparticle, such as an electron and a positron, meet and are converted completely to energy approximately equivalent to the sum of their masses.

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× പരാജയപ്പെടുത്തുക - Paraajayappeduththuka | Parajayappeduthuka
× ഇല്ലാതാക്കല്‍ - Illaathaakkal‍ | Illathakkal‍
× ഇല്ലായ്‌മ ചെയ്യല്‍ - Illaayma Cheyyal‍ | Illayma Cheyyal‍
× ഇല്ലാതാക്കൽ - Illaathaakkal | Illathakkal
× ഉച്ഛിത്തി - Uchchiththi | Uchchithi
× ഉന്മൂലനാശം - Unmoolanaasham | Unmoolanasham
× ഇല്ലായ്മ ചെയ്യൽ - Illaayma Cheyyal | Illayma Cheyyal
× ഇല്ലായ്മ ചെയ്യല്‍ - Illaayma Cheyyal‍ | Illayma Cheyyal‍


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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