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A genus of trees growing naturally on the Andes in Peru and adjacent countries, but now cultivated in the East Indies, producing a medicinal bark of great value.

  1. Any of several trees and shrubs of the genus Cinchona, native chiefly to the Andes and cultivated for bark that yields the medicinal alkaloids quinine and quinidine, which are used to treat malaria.
  2. The dried bark of any of these plants. Also called Jesuit's bark, Peruvian bark.

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× ക്വയിനാമരം - Kvayinaamaram | Kvayinamaram
× കൊയിനാമരം - Koyinaamaram | Koyinamaram
× ഹോമിയോപ്പതിയിൽ സാമുവൽ ഹാനിമാൻ പരീക്ഷണം നടത്തിയ സസ്യം. - Homiyoppathiyil Saamuval Haanimaan Pareekshanam Nadaththiya Sasyam. | Homiyoppathiyil Samuval Haniman Pareekshanam Nadathiya Sasyam.
× ക്വയിനാ മരപ്പട്ട - Kvayinaa Marappatta | Kvayina Marappatta


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