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One of the Dinosauria.

  1. Any of various extinct, often gigantic, carnivorous or herbivorous reptiles of the orders Saurischia and Ornithischia that were chiefly terrestrial and existed during the Mesozoic Era.
  2. A relic of the past: "living dinosaurs of the world of vegetation” ( John Olmsted).
  3. One that is hopelessly outmoded or unwieldy: "The old, big-city teaching hospital is a dinosaur” ( Peggy Breault).

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× ശബ്ദകോലാഹലം - Shabdhakolaahalam | Shabdhakolahalam
× മെസോസോയിക്‌ കാലഘട്ടത്തില്‍ കരയില്‍ ആധിപത്യമുറപ്പിച്ചിരുന്ന വംശനാശം സംഭവിച്ച ഭീമാകാരമായ ഉരഗം - Mesosoyiku Kaalaghattaththil‍ Karayil‍ Aadhipathyamurappichirunna Vamshanaasham Sambhavicha Bheemaakaaramaaya Uragam | Mesosoyiku Kalaghattathil‍ Karayil‍ adhipathyamurappichirunna Vamshanasham Sambhavicha Bheemakaramaya Uragam
× ഒച്ച - Ocha


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