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Full of dole or grief; expressing or exciting sorrow; sorrowful; sad; dismal.

  1. Filled with or expressing grief; mournful. See Synonyms at sad.
  2. Causing grief: a doleful loss.

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ദുഃഖഹേതുകമായ - Dhuakhahethukamaaya | Dhuakhahethukamaya ;ദുഃഖിതമായ - Dhuakhithamaaya | Dhuakhithamaya ;ദുഃഖഹേതുവായ - Dhuakhahethuvaaya | Dhuakhahethuvaya ;പരിതാപകരമായ - Parithaapakaramaaya | Parithapakaramaya ;ശോകമുളള - Shokamulala ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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