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The name of several species of herons which bear plumes on the back. They are generally white. Among the best known species are the American egret (Ardea, or Herodias, egretta); the great egret (A. alba); the little egret (A. garzetta), of Europe; and the American snowy egret (A. candidissima).

  1. Any of several usually white herons of the genera Bubulcus, Casmerodius, Egretta, and related genera, characteristically having long, showy, drooping plumes during the breeding season.

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വെള്ളക്കൊക്ക്‌ - Vellakkokku ;വെള്ളക്കൊക്ക് - Vellakkokku ;ചൂഡാമണി - Choodaamani | Choodamani ;അതിന്‍റെ തൂവല്‍ - Athin‍re Thooval‍ ;അതിന്റെ തൂവല്‍ - Athinte Thooval‍ ;അതിന്റെ തൂവൽ - Athinte Thooval ;


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