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The process or operation of making flat, as a cylinder of glass by opening it out.

  1. The practice of living, with others, in a flat.
  2. A type of paint that dries with a flat (matt) finish; a coating of such paint.
  3. The process of applying a coating of flatting paint.
  4. A flat part of something, a flattening.
  5. The process of becoming flat.
  6. The process of causing something to become flat; the process of flattening something.
  7. An instance of a musical note being flatter than intended.
  8. A method of preserving gilding unburnished, by touching with size.
  9. The process of forming metal into sheets by passing it between rollers.
  10. Present participle of flat.

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× പുകഴ്ത്തുക - Pukazhththuka | Pukazhthuka


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