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The second, or true, muscular stomach of birds, in which the food is crushed and ground, after being softened in the glandular stomach (crop), or lower part of the esophagus; the gigerium.

  1. A modified muscular pouch behind the stomach in the alimentary canal of birds, having a thick lining and often containing ingested grit that aids in the breakdown of seeds before digestion.
  2. A similar digestive organ found in certain invertebrates, such as the earthworm.

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× രണ്ടാമത്തെ ആമാശയം - Randaamaththe Aamaashayam | Randamathe amashayam
× അരോചകമായിരിക്കുക - Arochakamaayirikkuka | Arochakamayirikkuka
× പക്ഷിയുടെ രണ്ടാംകുടല്‍ - Pakshiyude Randaamkudal‍ | Pakshiyude Randamkudal‍
× പക്ഷിയുടെ രണ്ടാം കുടല്‍ - Pakshiyude Randaam Kudal‍ | Pakshiyude Randam Kudal‍
× ദാതാവു - Dhaathaavu | Dhathavu


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