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Any bee of the genus Apis, which lives in communities and collects honey, esp. the common domesticated hive bee (Apis mellifica), the Italian bee (A. ligustica), and the Arabiab bee (A. fasciata). The two latter are by many entomologists considered only varieties of the common hive bee. Each swarm of bees consists of a large number of workers (barren females), with, ordinarily, one queen or fertile female, but in the swarming season several young queens, and a number of males or drones, are produced.

  1. Any of several social bees of the genus Apis that produce honey, especially A. mellifera, widely domesticated as a source of honey and beeswax.

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സരഘ - Saragha ;മധുലോലുപം - Madhulolupam ;മധുമക്ഷിക - Madhumakshika ;മദ്ധ്വകം - Maddhvakam | Madhvakam ;പിരചം - Piracham ;മിലിന്ദം - Milindham ;

മദനം - Madhanam ;മധ്വകം - Madhvakam ;മാധ്വി - Maadhvi | Madhvi ;മധുപം - Madhupam ;മിളിന്ദം - Milindham ;രസാസ്വാദി - Rasaasvaadhi | Rasaswadhi ;തേമ്പണ്ടി - Thempandi ; ;സുകാണ്ഡി - Sukaandi | Sukandi ;രോലംബം - Rolambam ;മധുകരം - Madhukaram ;മൈലിന്ദം - Mailindham ;മധുമാരകം - Madhumaarakam | Madhumarakam ;അലിപകം - Alipakam ;മധുകൃത്ത് - Madhukruththu | Madhukruthu ;ശിലീമുഖം - Shileemukham ;മധുകാരി - Madhukaari | Madhukari ;പുഷ്പലിക്ഷം - Pushpaliksham ;ധ്വനമോദി - Dhvanamodhi ;


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