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A low plant (Mandragora officinarum) of the Nightshade family, having a fleshy root, often forked, and supposed to resemble a man. It was therefore supposed to have animal life, and to cry out when pulled up. All parts of the plant are strongly narcotic. It is found in the Mediterranean region.

  1. A southern European plant (Mandragora officinarum) having greenish-yellow flowers and a branched root. This plant was once believed to have magical powers because its root resembles the human body.
  2. The root of this plant, which contains the poisonous alkaloid hyoscyamine. Also called mandragora.
  3. See May apple.

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× മാന്‍ഡ്രക്ക്‌ എന്ന ചെടി - Maan‍drakku Enna Chedi | Man‍drakku Enna Chedi


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