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A genus of mintlike plants (Origanum) comprising about twenty- five species. The sweet marjoram (O. Majorana) is pecularly aromatic and fragrant, and much used in cookery. The wild marjoram of Europe and America is O. vulgare, far less fragrant than the other.

  1. Any of several aromatic Eurasian or Mediterranean plants of the genus Origanum, especially O. majorana or O. vulgare, having small, purplish to white flowers and opposite leaves. Also called sweet marjoram, wild marjoram.
  2. The leaves of any of these plants used as a seasoning.

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× ജംബീരം - Jambeeram
× സമുദ്രതീരത്തുള്ള - Samudhratheeraththulla | Samudhratheerathulla


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