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Word :   Parsley  [Was It പര്സ്ലേ, പർസ്ലെയ്, പരസ്ലേ, പര്സ്ലേയ്, പരസ്ലേയ് ?]
English Meaning :  An aromatic umbelliferous herb (Carum Petroselinum), having finely divided leaves which are used in cookery and as a garnish. 
  1. A member of the parsley family.
  2. A cultivated Eurasian herb (Petroselinum crispum) having flat or curled, ternately compound leaves.
  3. The leaves of this plant used as a seasoning or garnish.

Malayalam Meaning
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: അയമോദകച്ചെടി - Ayamodhakachedi ; അഷ്ടചൂര്‍ണ്ണം - Ashdachoor‍nnam ; അയമോദകച്ചെടി - Ayamodhakachedi


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Equivalent - സമതുല്യമായത്

milk parsley, stone parsley



Cross Reference - പരാമര്‍ശം

corn-parsley, oil of parsley, square parsley, spotted parsley, ass-parsley, black parsley, fool's parsley, bastard parsley, cow-parsley


parsley frog

Rhyme - പ്രാസം


Same Context - ഒരേ സാഹചര്യം

celery, onion, thyme, clove, garlic, mustard, allspice, vinegar, chives, mace

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