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Pertaining to, in the manner of, or designating, a kind of marriage, called also left-handed marriage, between a man of superior rank and a woman of inferior, in which it is stipulated that neither the latter nor her children shall enjoy the rank or inherit the possessions of her husband.

  1. Of or being a legal marriage between a person of royal or noble birth and a partner of lower rank, in which it is agreed that no titles or estates of the royal or noble partner are to be shared by the partner of inferior rank nor by any of the offspring of the marriage.

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× അനുലോമവിവാഹപരമായ - Anulomavivaahaparamaaya | Anulomavivahaparamaya
× കൂടുതലായ - Kooduthalaaya | Kooduthalaya
× അനുലോമവിവാഹപരമായി - Anulomavivaahaparamaayi | Anulomavivahaparamayi
× ഏറെ - Ere
× ഉപരി - Upari


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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