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The state or quality of being reluctant; repugnance; aversion of mind; unwillingness; -- often followed by an infinitive, or by to and a noun, formerly sometimes by against.

  1. The state of being reluctant; unwillingness.
  2. Physics A measure of the opposition to magnetic flux, analogous to electric resistance.

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പരാങ്മുഖത - Paraangmukhatha | Parangmukhatha ;വിമുഖത - Vimukhatha ;വൈമുഖ്യം - Vaimukhyam ;സമ്മതക്കേട് - Sammathakkedu ;വിരക്തി - Virakthi ;വൈമനസ്യം - Vaimanasyam ;

നീരസം - Neerasam ;വിരോധം - Virodham ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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