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A constitutional disease, generally hereditary, especially manifested by chronic enlargement and cheesy degeneration of the lymphatic glands, particularly those of the neck, and marked by a tendency to the development of chronic intractable inflammations of the skin, mucous membrane, bones, joints, and other parts, and by a diminution in the power of resistance to disease or injury and the capacity for recovery. Scrofula is now generally held to be tuberculous in character, and may develop into general or local tuberculosis (consumption).

  1. A form of tuberculosis affecting the lymph nodes, especially of the neck, that is most common in children and is usually spread by unpasteurized milk from infected cows. Also called struma.

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× വേദം - Vedham
× കണ്‌ഡമാലരോഗം - Kandamaalarogam | Kandamalarogam
× ഗണ്ഡമാലാരോഗം - Gandamaalaarogam | Gandamalarogam
× കണ്ഠമാല - Kandamaala | Kandamala
× കണ്‌ഡമാലരോഗം - Kandamaalarogam | Kandamalarogam
× കണ്‌ഡമാല - Kandamaala | Kandamala


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