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A constitutional disease characterized by the production of tubercles in the internal organs, and especially in the lungs, where it constitutes the most common variety of pulmonary consumption.

  1. An infectious disease of humans and animals caused by the tubercle bacillus and characterized by the formation of tubercles on the lungs and other tissues of the body, often developing long after the initial infection.
  2. Tuberculosis of the lungs, characterized by the coughing up of mucus and sputum, fever, weight loss, and chest pain.

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× ചയം - Chayam
× രാജയക്ഷ്മാവ് - Raajayakshmaavu | Rajayakshmavu
× രാജയക്ഷ്മം - Raajayakshmam | Rajayakshmam
× ക്ഷയം - Kshayam
× ചവതി - Chavathi
× ശ്വാസകോശരോഗം - Shvaasakosharogam | Shvasakosharogam
× ശ്വാസകോശരോഗം - Shvaasakosharogam | Shvasakosharogam
× ജക്ഷ്മാ - Jakshmaa | Jakshma
× ജക്ഷ്മാവ് - Jakshmaavu | Jakshmavu


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