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An assembly or council having the highest deliberative and legislative functions.

  1. An assembly or a council of citizens having the highest deliberative and legislative functions in a government, specifically:
  2. The upper house of the U.S. Congress, to which two members are elected from each state by popular vote for a six-year term.
  3. The upper house in the bicameral legislature of many states in the United States.
  4. The upper legislative house in Canada, France, and some other countries.
  5. The supreme council of state of the ancient Roman Republic and later of the Roman Empire.
  6. The building or hall in which such a council or assembly meets.
  7. A governing, advisory, or disciplinary body of some colleges and universities composed of faculty members and sometimes student representatives.

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× കാര്യലോചനാസഭ - Kaaryalochanaasabha | Karyalochanasabha
× സചിവസഭ - Sachivasabha
× നിയമനിര്‍മ്മാണസഭ - Niyamanir‍mmaanasabha | Niyamanir‍mmanasabha
× നിയമനിര്‍മ്മാണസമിതി - Niyamanir‍mmaanasamithi | Niyamanir‍mmanasamithi
× നിയമനിർമ്മാണസമിതി - Niyamanirmmaanasamithi | Niyamanirmmanasamithi
× സര്‍വ്വകലാശാലാ സെനറ്റ്‌ - Sar‍vvakalaashaalaa Senattu | Sar‍vvakalashala Senattu
× കാര്യലോചനാസഭ - Kaaryalochanaasabha | Karyalochanasabha


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