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Same as Skee.

  1. One of a pair of long flat runners of plastic, metal, or wood that curve upward in front and may be attached to a boot for gliding or traveling over snow.
  2. A water ski.
  3. Something that is used as a runner on a vehicle: a helicopter with skis for landing on snow and ice.
  4. To travel or glide on skis, especially as a sport.
  5. To travel or glide over on skis: ski a mountain slope.

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× സ്‌കീയിന്‍മേല്‍ തെന്നിപ്പായുക - Skeeyin‍mel‍ Thennippaayuka | Skeeyin‍mel‍ Thennippayuka
× ഹിമപാദുകം - Himapaadhukam | Himapadhukam
× ഹിമപ്പരപ്പിലൂടെ തെന്നിപ്പായുന്നതിലുള്ള വീതികുറഞ്ഞ നീണ്ട ഹിമാദുകം - Himapparappiloode Thennippaayunnathilulla Veethikuranja Neenda Himaadhukam | Himapparappiloode Thennippayunnathilulla Veethikuranja Neenda Himadhukam
× ഹിമപരപ്പിലൂടെ തെന്നിപ്പായുന്നതിനുള്ള വീതികുറഞ്ഞു നീണ്ടഹിപാദുക - Himaparappiloode Thennippaayunnathinulla Veethikuranju Neendahipaadhuka | Himaparappiloode Thennippayunnathinulla Veethikuranju Neendahipadhuka


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