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One who advocates or practices the doctrines of socialism.

  1. An advocate of socialism.
  2. A member of a political party or group that advocates socialism.
  3. Of, promoting, or practicing socialism.
  4. Of, belonging to, or constituting a socialist party or political group.

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സ്ഥിതിസമത്വവാദപരമായ - Sthithisamathvavaadhaparamaaya | Sthithisamathvavadhaparamaya ;സമാജവാദി - Samaajavaadhi | Samajavadhi ;സമാജ്വാദി - Samaajvaadhi | Samajvadhi ;സ്ഥിതിസമത്വവാദി - Sthithisamathvavaadhi | Sthithisamathvavadhi ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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