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The skin of a buck.

  1. The skin of a male deer.
  2. A soft, grayish-yellow leather usually having a suede finish, once made from deerskins but now generally made from sheepskins.
  3. Clothing, especially breeches or shoes, made from buckskin.
  4. A person who wears buckskins, especially an American backwoodsman or soldier in the Revolutionary War.
  5. A horse of a grayish-yellow color.

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× കൊളുത്ത് - Koluththu | Koluthu
× മാര്‍ദ്ദവമാക്കിയ ആട്ടിന്‍തോലും മറ്റും - Maar‍ddhavamaakkiya Aattin‍tholum Mattum | Mar‍dhavamakkiya attin‍tholum Mattum


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