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One who has the cure of souls; originally, any clergyman, but now usually limited to one who assists a rector or vicar.

  1. A cleric, especially one who has charge of a parish.
  2. A cleric who assists a rector or vicar.
  3. To act as curator of; organize and oversee.

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× വികാരിയുടെ സഹായിയായ പുരോഹിതൻ - Vikaariyude Sahaayiyaaya Purohithan | Vikariyude Sahayiyaya Purohithan
× ഇടവക വികാരിയെ സഹായിക്കുന്ന പുരോഹിതന്‍ - Idavaka Vikaariye Sahaayikkunna Purohithan‍ | Idavaka Vikariye Sahayikkunna Purohithan‍
× വികാരിയുടെ സഹായിയായ പുരോഹിതന്‍ - Vikaariyude Sahaayiyaaya Purohithan‍ | Vikariyude Sahayiyaya Purohithan‍
× വികാരിയുടെ സഹായി - Vikaariyude Sahaayi | Vikariyude Sahayi


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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