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To make equal; to reduce to an average; to make such an allowance or correction in as will reduce to a common standard of comparison; to reduce to mean time or motion; as, to equate payments; to equate lines of railroad for grades or curves; equated distances.

  1. To make equal or equivalent.
  2. To reduce to a standard or an average; equalize.
  3. To consider, treat, or depict as equal or equivalent: equates inexperience with youth.
  4. To be or seem to be equal; correspond.

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× സമമാക്കുക - Samamaakkuka | Samamakkuka
× തുല്യമായി ഗണിക്കുക - Thulyamaayi Ganikkuka | Thulyamayi Ganikkuka
× തുല്യമാക്കുക - Thulyamaakkuka | Thulyamakkuka
× സമചിത്തത - Samachiththatha | Samachithatha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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