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A ring or cap of metal put round a cane, tool, handle, or other similar object, to strengthen it, or prevent splitting and wearing.

  1. A metal ring or cap placed around a pole or shaft for reinforcement or to prevent splitting.
  2. A bushing used to secure a pipe joint.

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× ഉറ - Ura
× കടലാസ് പെൻസിലിനുമുകിളിലുള്ള ഇറെസറിനു താഴെയുള്ള ലോഹ വലയം - Kadalaasu Pensilinumukililulla Iresarinu Thaazheyulla Loha Valayam | Kadalasu Pensilinumukililulla Iresarinu Thazheyulla Loha Valayam
× ചുര - Chura
× വളയം - Valayam


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