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A form of sleep or somnambulism brought on by artificial means, in which there is an unusual suspension of some powers, and an unusual activity of others. It is induced by an action upon the nerves, through the medium of the senses, as in persons of very feeble organization, by gazing steadly at a very bright object held before the eyes, or by pressure upon certain points of the surface of the body.

  1. The theory or practice of inducing hypnosis.
  2. The act of inducing hypnosis.

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× നിദ്രാമയക്കമുണ്ടാക്കുന്ന വിദ്യ - Nidhraamayakkamundaakkunna Vidhya | Nidhramayakkamundakkunna Vidhya
× സമ്മോഹനമായ - Sammohanamaaya | Sammohanamaya
× ഹിപ്‌നോടൈസ്‌ ചെയ്യുന്നവനായ - Hipnodaisu Cheyyunnavanaaya | Hipnodaisu Cheyyunnavanaya
× സമ്മോഹനപരമായ - Sammohanaparamaaya | Sammohanaparamaya


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