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Not organic; without the organs necessary for life; devoid of an organized structure; unorganized; lifeness; inanimate; as, all chemical compounds are inorganic substances.

  1. Involving neither organic life nor the products of organic life.
  2. Not composed of organic matter.
  3. Chemistry Of or relating to compounds not containing hydrocarbon groups.
  4. Not arising in normal growth; artificial.
  5. Lacking system or structure.

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നിര്‍ജീവവിഷയകമായ - Nir‍jeevavishayakamaaya | Nir‍jeevavishayakamaya ;ധാതുരസായനവിദ്യ - Dhaathurasaayanavidhya | Dhathurasayanavidhya ;ജഡികമായ - Jadikamaaya | Jadikamaya ;നിർജീവവിഷയകമായ - Nirjeevavishayakamaaya | Nirjeevavishayakamaya ; ;അപ്രാണിയായ - Apraaniyaaya | Apraniyaya ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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