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A drum made of thin copper in the form of a hemispherical kettle, with parchment stretched over the mouth of it.

  1. A large copper or brass hemispherical drum with a parchment head that can be tuned by adjusting the tension.

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ഭേരി - Bheri ;തകില്‍ - Thakil‍ ;തകില്‌ - Thakilu ;ദുന്ദുഭി - Dhundhubhi ;ഭേരം - Bheram ;പടഹം - Padaham ;

പെരുമ്പറ - Perumpara ;വീരവാദ്യം - Veeravaadhyam | Veeravadhyam ;മഹാനാദം - Mahaanaadham | Mahanadham ;


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