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An instrument of percussion, consisting either of a hollow cylinder, over each end of which is stretched a piece of skin or vellum, to be beaten with a stick; or of a metallic hemisphere (kettledrum) with a single piece of skin to be so beaten; the common instrument for marking time in martial music; one of the pair of tympani in an orchestra, or cavalry band.

  1. A percussion instrument consisting of a hollow cylinder or hemisphere with a membrane stretched tightly over one or both ends, played by beating with the hands or sticks.
  2. A sound produced by this instrument.
  3. Something resembling a drum in shape or structure, especially a barrellike metal container or a metal cylinder wound with cable, wire, or heavy rope.
  4. Architecture A circular or polygonal wall supporting a dome or cupola. Also called tambour.
  5. Architecture Any of the cylindrical stone blocks that are stacked to form the shaft of a column.
  6. Any of various marine and freshwater fishes of the family Sciaenidae that make a drumming sound.
  7. Anatomy The eardrum.
  8. To play a drum or drums.
  9. To thump or tap rhythmically or continually: nervously drummed on the table.
  10. To produce a booming, reverberating sound by beating the wings, as certain birds do.
  11. To perform (a piece or tune) on or as if on a drum.
  12. To summon by or as if by beating a drum.
  13. To make known to or force upon (a person) by constant repetition: drummed the answers into my head.
  14. To expel or dismiss in disgrace. Often used with out: was drummed out of the army.
  15. drum up To bring about by continuous, persistent effort: drum up new business.
  16. drum up To devise; invent: drummed up an alibi.

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പെരുമ്പറ - Perumpara ;ചെവിക്കുള്ളിലെ പാട - Chevikkullile Paada | Chevikkullile Pada ;ഇരുമ്പുവീപ്പ - Irumpuveeppa ;മദ്ദളം - Maddhalam | Madhalam ;മദ്ധളം - Maddhalam | Madhalam ;കൈവിരലുകള്‍കൊണ്ടോ കാല്‍ വിരലുകള്‍ കൊണ്ടോ താളംപിടിക്കുക - Kaiviralukal‍kondo Kaal‍ Viralukal‍ Kondo Thaalampidikkuka | Kaiviralukal‍kondo Kal‍ Viralukal‍ Kondo Thalampidikkuka ;

വീപ്പ - Veeppa ;രണഭേരി - Ranabheri ;ഭേരിരൂപമുള്ള വസ്‌തു - Bheriroopamulla Vasthu ;ചിറകടിച്ചുവലിയ ശബ്‌ദം പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുക - Chirakadichuvaliya Shabdham Purappeduvikkuka ;ചിന്നം - Chinnam ;ചെണ്ടകൊട്ടുക - Chendakottuka ;ചെണ്ട കൊട്ടുക - Chenda Kottuka ;ചെണ്ട - Chenda ;പെരുമ്പാറയടിക്കുക - Perumpaarayadikkuka | Perumparayadikkuka ;തുത്താരി - Thuththaari | Thuthari ;പറയടിക്കുക - Parayadikkuka ;പടഹം - Padaham ;പറ - Para ;ദുന്ദുഭി - Dhundhubhi ;ആനദ്ധം - Aanaddham | anadham ;ഭേരീനാദം - Bhereenaadham | Bhereenadham ;ചര്‍മ്മവാദ്യം - Char‍mmavaadhyam | Char‍mmavadhyam ;മുഴക്കുക - Muzhakkuka ;മേടി - Medi ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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