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A minute arachnid, of the order Acarina, of which there are many species; as, the cheese mite, sugar mite, harvest mite, etc. See Acarina.

  1. Any of various small or minute arachnids of the order Acarina that are often parasitic on animals and plants, infest stored food products, and in some species transmit disease.
  2. A very small contribution or amount of money.
  3. A widow's mite.
  4. A very small object, creature, or particle.
  5. A coin of very small value, especially an obsolete British coin worth half a farthing.
  6. a mite To a small degree; somewhat: That remark was a mite unfair.

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× പുരുഷമൈഥുമായ - Purushamaithumaaya | Purushamaithumaya
× ചെയ്യാന്‍ കഴിയുന്നതിന്റെ പരമാവധി - Cheyyaan‍ Kazhiyunnathinte Paramaavadhi | Cheyyan‍ Kazhiyunnathinte Paramavadhi
× ചാഴി - Chaazhi | Chazhi
× ചെയ്യാൻ കഴിയുന്നതിന്റെ പരമാവധി - Cheyyaan Kazhiyunnathinte Paramaavadhi | Cheyyan Kazhiyunnathinte Paramavadhi
× ചെറുസംഭാവന - Cherusambhaavana | Cherusambhavana
× ചെറുസംഭാവന - ചെറുസംഭാവന
× പ്രകൃതിവിരുദ്ധഭോഗമായ - Prakruthiviruddhabhogamaaya | Prakruthivirudhabhogamaya
× പുഴു - Puzhu
× ചെറിയ ആള്‍ - Cheriya Aal‍ | Cheriya al‍
× ചെറിയ ആൾ - Cheriya Aal | Cheriya al


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