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To draw air audibly up the nose; to snuff; -- sometimes done as a gesture of suspicion, offense, or contempt.

  1. To inhale a short, audible breath through the nose, as in smelling something.
  2. To sniffle.
  3. To use the sense of smell, as in savoring or investigating: sniffed at the jar to see what it held.
  4. To regard something in a contemptuous or dismissive manner: The critics sniffed at the adaptation of the novel to film.
  5. Informal To pry; snoop: The reporters came sniffing around for more details.
  6. To inhale forcibly through the nose: sniffed the cool morning air.
  7. To smell, as in savoring or investigating: sniffed the lilacs; sniffed the breeze for traces of smoke.
  8. To perceive or detect by or as if by sniffing: dogs that sniffed out the trail through the snow; sniffed trouble ahead.
  9. To utter in a contemptuous or haughty manner: The countess sniffed her disapproval.
  10. An instance or the sound of sniffing.
  11. Something sniffed or perceived by or as if by sniffing; a whiff: a sniff of perfume; a sniff of scandal.

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× ഘ്രാണം - Ghraanam | Ghranam
× മണത്തു നോക്കുക - Manaththu Nokkuka | Manathu Nokkuka


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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