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To play on an instrument of music, or as on an instrument, in an unskillful or noisy way; to thrum; as, to strum a piano.

  1. To play (a stringed musical instrument) by stroking or brushing the strings: strum a banjo.
  2. To play (music) on a stringed instrument in this way: strum chords on a guitar.
  3. To play a stringed instrument by strumming.
  4. The act or sound of strumming.

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തന്ത്രിവാദ്യം വായിക്കുക - Thanthrivaadhyam Vaayikkuka | Thanthrivadhyam Vayikkuka ;ഘടന - Ghadana ;രചന - Rachana ; ;കെട്ടിടം - Kettidam ;ആകൃതി - Aakruthi | akruthi ;

ചട്ടക്കൂട് - Chattakkoodu ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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