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A nonmetallic element occurring naturally in large quantities, either combined as in the sulphides (as pyrites) and sulphates (as gypsum), or native in volcanic regions, in vast beds mixed with gypsum and various earthy materials, from which it is melted out. Symbol S. Atomic weight 32. The specific gravity of ordinary octohedral sulphur is 2.05; of prismatic sulphur, 1.96.

  1. Any of various butterflies of the genus Colias and related genera of the family Pieridae, having yellow or orange wings marked with black.
  2. Variant of sulfur.

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× പാമാരി - Paamaari | Pamari
× ധാതുവൈരി - Dhaathuvairi | Dhathuvairi
× വിവിധരൂപങ്ങളിൽ സ്ഥിതിചെയ്യുന്ന ഒരു മഞ്ഞ ധാതു - Vividharoopangalil Sthithicheyyunna Oru Manja Dhaathu | Vividharoopangalil Sthithicheyyunna Oru Manja Dhathu
× ധാതുമാരി - Dhaathumaari | Dhathumari
× വിവിധരൂപങ്ങളില്‍ സ്ഥിതിചെയ്യുന്ന ഒരു മഞ്ഞ ധാതു - Vividharoopangalil‍ Sthithicheyyunna Oru Manja Dhaathu | Vividharoopangalil‍ Sthithicheyyunna Oru Manja Dhathu
× പീതം - Peetham
× പാമഘ്നം - Paamaghnam | Pamaghnam
× ഗന്ധകം - Gandhakam
× ഗൗരീബീജം - Gaureebeejam | Goureebeejam


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