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The conical shadow projected from a planet or satellite, on the side opposite to the sun, within which a spectator could see no portion of the sun's disk; -- used in contradistinction from penumbra. See Penumbra.

  1. A dark area, especially the blackest part of a shadow from which all light is cut off. See Synonyms at shade.
  2. Astronomy The completely dark portion of the shadow cast by the earth, moon, or other body during an eclipse.
  3. Astronomy The darkest region of a sunspot.

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× പൂര്‍ണ്ണച്ഛായ - Poor‍nnachchaaya | Poor‍nnachchaya
× സൂര്യകലാകേന്ദ്രം - Sooryakalaakendhram | Sooryakalakendhram
× പൂർണ്ണച്ഛായ - Poornnachchaaya | Poornnachchaya
× ഗ്രഹച്ഛായ - Grahachchaaya | Grahachchaya


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