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A room appendant to a church, in which sacerdotal vestments and sacred utensils are sometimes kept, and where meetings for worship or parish business are held; a sacristy; -- formerly called revestiary.

  1. A room in or attached to a church where the clergy put on their vestments and where these robes and other sacred objects are stored; a sacristy.
  2. A room in a church used for meetings and classes.
  3. A committee of members elected to administer the temporal affairs of a parish.
  4. A business meeting of parishioners in a parish.

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× ഉപാസനാവസ്ത്രശാല - Upaasanaavasthrashaala | Upasanavasthrashala
× തിരുവസ്‌ത്രധാരണപ്പുര - Thiruvasthradhaaranappura | Thiruvasthradharanappura
× കുപ്പായം - Kuppaayam | Kuppayam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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