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One of the intestines of an animal; an entrail, especially of man; a gut; -- generally used in the plural.

  1. The intestine. Often used in the plural.
  2. A part or division of the intestine: the large bowel.
  3. The interior of something: in the bowels of the ship.
  4. Archaic The seat of pity or the gentler emotions.

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× കുടൽ - Kudal
× അന്തര്‍ഭാഗം - Anthar‍bhaagam | Anthar‍bhagam
× കുടല്‍ - Kudal‍
× ശരീരാന്തര്‍ഭാഗം - Shareeraanthar‍bhaagam | Shareeranthar‍bhagam
× ശരീരാന്തർഭാഗം - Shareeraantharbhaagam | Shareerantharbhagam


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