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A peculiar glandlike but ductless organ found near the stomach or intestine of most vertebrates and connected with the vascular system; the milt. Its exact function in not known.

  1. A large, highly vascular lymphoid organ, lying in the human body to the left of the stomach below the diaphragm, serving to store blood, disintegrate old blood cells, filter foreign substances from the blood, and produce lymphocytes.
  2. A homologous organ or tissue in other vertebrates.
  3. Obsolete This organ conceived as the seat of emotions or passions.
  4. Ill temper: vent one's spleen.
  5. Archaic Melancholy.
  6. Obsolete A whim; a caprice.

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ഗുന്‍മവ്യാധി - Gun‍mavyaadhi | Gun‍mavyadhi ;പ്ലീഹോദരം - Pleehodharam ;രോഷം - Rosham ;വിരോധം - Virodham ;ഗുന്‍മാവ്യാധി - Gun‍maavyaadhi | Gun‍mavyadhi ;പ്ലീഹ - Pleeha ;

വിരോധം - Virodham ;വിഷാദം - Vishaadham | Vishadham ;പ്ലീഹോദരം - Pleehodharam ;പ്ളീഹ - Pleeha ;വൈരം - Vairam ;ദ്വേഷം - Dhvesham ;പക - Paka ;കോപം - Kopam ;ഗുൻമാവ്യാധി - Gunmaavyaadhi | Gunmavyadhi ;കോപം - Kopam ;രോഷം - Rosham ;തളിക്കുക - Thalikkuka ;


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