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A species of the genus Bos or Bubalus (B. bubalus), originally from India, but now found in most of the warmer countries of the eastern continent. It is larger and less docile than the common ox, and is fond of marshy places and rivers.

  1. Any of several oxlike Old World mammals of the family Bovidae, such as the water buffalo and African buffalo.
  2. The North American bison, Bison bison.
  3. The buffalo fish.
  4. To intimidate, as by a display of confidence or authority: "The board couldn't buffalo the federal courts as it had the Comptroller” ( American Banker).
  5. To deceive; hoodwink: "Too often . . . job seekers have buffaloed lenders as to their competency and training” ( H. Jane Lehman).
  6. To confuse; bewilder.

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പോത്ത്‌ - Poththu | Pothu

പോത്ത് - Poththu | Pothu

മഹിഷം - Mahisham

എരുമ - Eruma


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