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A bivalve mollusk of many kinds, especially those that are edible; as, the long clam (Mya arenaria), the quahog or round clam (Venus mercenaria), the sea clam or hen clam (Spisula solidissima), and other species of the United States. The name is said to have been given originally to the Tridacna gigas, a huge East Indian bivalve.

  1. Any of various usually burrowing marine and freshwater bivalve mollusks of the class Pelecypoda, including members of the genera Venus and Mya, many of which are edible.
  2. The soft edible body of such a mollusk.
  3. Informal A close-mouthed person, especially one who can keep a secret.
  4. Slang A dollar: set me back 75 clams.
  5. To hunt for clams.
  6. clam up Informal To refuse to talk.
  7. A clamp or vise.

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ഭക്ഷ്യയോഗ്യമായ നത്തക്കാ - Bhakshyayogyamaaya Naththakkaa | Bhakshyayogyamaya Nathakka ;അവകാശം - Avakaasham | Avakasham ;പെട്ടെന്ന്‌ സംഭാഷണം നിറുത്തുക - Pettennu Sambhaashanam Niruththuka | Pettennu Sambhashanam Niruthuka ;ഭക്ഷ്യയോഗ്യമായ നത്തയ്‌ക്കാമത്സ്യം - Bhakshyayogyamaaya Naththaykkaamathsyam | Bhakshyayogyamaya Nathaykkamathsyam ;ഭക്ഷ്യയോഗ്യമായ നത്തയ്‌ക്കാമത്സ്യം - Bhakshyayogyamaaya Naththaykkaamathsyam | Bhakshyayogyamaya Nathaykkamathsyam ;അവകാശവാദം - Avakaashavaadham | Avakashavadham ;

ഭക്ഷണയോഗ്യമായ നത്തക്ക - Bhakshanayogyamaaya Naththakka | Bhakshanayogyamaya Nathakka ;നിശ്ശബ്‌ദമാവുക - Nishabdhamaavuka | Nishabdhamavuka ;മിണ്ടപ്പൂച്ച - Mindappoocha ;


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