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One confined to the bed by sickness.

  1. A facility, often associated with a hospital or medical school, that is devoted to the diagnosis and care of outpatients.
  2. A medical establishment run by several specialists working in cooperation and sharing the same facilities.
  3. A group session offering counsel or instruction in a particular field or activity: a vocational clinic; a tennis clinic.
  4. A seminar or meeting of physicians and medical students in which medical instruction is conducted in the presence of the patient, as at the bedside.
  5. A place where such instruction occurs.
  6. A class or lecture of medical instruction conducted in this manner.

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× ചിക്താലയം - Chikthaalayam | Chikthalayam
× ചികിത്സാശാലയിലെ വൈദ്യപരിശീലനം - Chikithsaashaalayile Vaidhyaparisheelanam | Chikithsashalayile Vaidhyaparisheelanam
× ചികിത്സാലയം - Chikithsaalayam | Chikithsalayam


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