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To dry up; to deprive or exhaust of moisture; to preserve by drying; as, to desiccate fish or fruit.

  1. To dry out thoroughly.
  2. To preserve (foods) by removing the moisture. See Synonyms at dry.
  3. To make dry, dull, or lifeless.
  4. To become dry; dry out.
  5. Lacking spirit or animation; arid: "There was only the sun-bruised and desiccate feeling in his mind” ( J.R. Salamanca).

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യോഗ്യ - Yogya ;ഉചിതമായ - Uchithamaaya | Uchithamaya ;നിർജ്ജലീകൃതമായ - Nirjjaleekruthamaaya | Nirjjaleekruthamaya ;ഉണക്കിയ - Unakkiya ;ജലാശം നീക്കുക - Jalaasham Neekkuka | Jalasham Neekkuka ;ഉണക്കുക - Unakkuka ;

വ്രണം ഉണക്കുന്ന - Vranam Unakkunna ;ജലാപകരകയന്ത്രം - Jalaapakarakayanthram | Jalapakarakayanthram ;ജലാംശം നീക്കിയ - Jalaamsham Neekkiya | Jalamsham Neekkiya ;ജലാംശം നീക്കുക - Jalaamsham Neekkuka | Jalamsham Neekkuka ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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