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A kind of natural ebullition; that commotion of a fluid which takes place when some part of the mass flies off in a gaseous form, producing innumerable small bubbles; as, the effervescence of a carbonate with citric acid.

  1. the escape of gas from solution in a liquid, especially the escape of carbon dioxide from a carbonated drink

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× തക്കതായ - Thakkathaaya | Thakkathaya
× മതിയായ - Mathiyaaya | Mathiyaya
× കൊള്ളാവുന്ന - Kollaavunna | Kollavunna
× ഫലപ്രദമായ - Phalapradhamaaya | Phalapradhamaya
× ഉത്സാഹശീലമായ - Uthsaahasheelamaaya | Uthsahasheelamaya
× വികാരാധീനനാകുക - Vikaaraadheenanaakuka | Vikaradheenanakuka


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