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A state of being embarrassed; perplexity; impediment to freedom of action; entanglement; hindrance; confusion or discomposure of mind, as from not knowing what to do or to say; disconcertedness.

  1. The act or an instance of embarrassing.
  2. The state of being embarrassed.
  3. A source or cause of being embarrassed.
  4. An overabundance: an embarrassment of choices at a buffet dinner; an embarrassment of riches.

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കുഴപ്പം - Kuzhappam ;ചമ്മൽ - Chammal ;പാരവശ്യം - Paaravashyam | Paravashyam ;നാണക്കേട് - Naanakkedu | Nanakkedu ;പരക്കം - Parakkam ;പരവേശം - Paravesham ;

വല്ലായ്‌മ - Vallaayma | Vallayma ;അമ്പരപ്പ്‌ - Amparappu ;മിറ - Mira ;പരുങ്ങല്‍ - Parungal‍ ;ശല്യം - Shalyam ;സംഭ്രമം - Sambhramam ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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