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Of or pertaining to the equator; as, equatorial climates; also, pertaining to an equatorial instrument.

  1. Of, relating to, or resembling the earth's equator.
  2. Relating to conditions that exist at the earth's equator: equatorial heat.
  3. Having or constituting a support with two perpendicular axes, one of which is parallel to the earth's rotational axis.
  4. An equatorial telescope.

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× ഭൂമധ്യരേഖാപരം - Bhoomadhyarekhaaparam | Bhoomadhyarekhaparam
× ഭൂപരിധി - Bhooparidhi
× ഭൂമധ്യരേഖയ്‌ക്കടുത്ത - Bhoomadhyarekhaykkaduththa | Bhoomadhyarekhaykkadutha
× ഭൂമദ്ധ്യരേഖയെ സംബന്ധിച്ച - Bhoomaddhyarekhaye Sambandhicha | Bhoomadhyarekhaye Sambandhicha
× ഭൂമദ്ധ്യരേഖാപരമായ - Bhoomaddhyarekhaaparamaaya | Bhoomadhyarekhaparamaya


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