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Hardened; not soft; indurated.

  1. To make hard; harden: soil that had been indurated by extremes of climate.
  2. To inure, as to hardship or ridicule.
  3. To make callous or obdurate: "It is the curse of revolutionary calamities to indurate the heart” ( Helen Maria Williams).
  4. To grow hard; harden.
  5. To become firmly fixed or established.
  6. Hardened; obstinate; unfeeling.

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× കഠിനമായ്‌ത്തീരുക - Kadinamaayththeeruka | Kadinamaytheeruka
× കഠിനമായ്ത്തീരുക - Kadinamaayththeeruka | Kadinamaytheeruka


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