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A rock consisting chiefly of calcium carbonate or carbonate of lime. It sometimes contains also magnesium carbonate, and is then called magnesian or dolomitic limestone. Crystalline limestone is called marble.

  1. A common sedimentary rock consisting mostly of calcium carbonate, CaCO3, used as a building stone and in the manufacture of lime, carbon dioxide, and cement.

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× ചുണ്ണാമ്പുകല്ല്‌ - Chunnaampukallu | Chunnampukallu
× കുമ്മായക്കല്ല്‌ - Kummaayakkallu | Kummayakkallu
× ചുണ്ണാമ്പുകല്ല് - Chunnaampukallu | Chunnampukallu
× കുമ്മായക്കല്ല് - Kummaayakkallu | Kummayakkallu
× ധവളമൃത്തിക - Dhavalamruththika | Dhavalamruthika
× അവയവം - Avayavam


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