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To cast or cover over; hence, to cloud; to darken.

  1. Covered or obscured, as with clouds or mist.
  2. Clouded over.
  3. Gloomy; melancholy.
  4. Sewn with long, overlying stitches in order to prevent raveling, as the raw edges of fabric.
  5. A covering, as of mist or clouds.
  6. An arch or support for a passage over another passage in a mine.
  7. A cast made in fishing that falls beyond the point intended.
  8. An overcast stitch or seam.
  9. To make cloudy or gloomy.
  10. To cast beyond (the intended point) with a fishing rod.
  11. To sew with long, overlying stitches.
  12. To become cloudy or gloomy.

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× മഴക്കാറുള്ള - Mazhakkaarulla | Mazhakkarulla
× മഴക്കാര്‍മൂടുക - Mazhakkaar‍mooduka | Mazhakkar‍mooduka
× ഇരുളാക്കുക - Irulaakkuka | Irulakkuka
× മേഘത്താല്‍ മൂടപ്പെട്ട - Meghaththaal‍ Moodappetta | Meghathal‍ Moodappetta
× മൂടുക - Mooduka


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