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That state in which every part of space is supposed to be full of matter; -- opposed to vacuum.

  1. An assembly or meeting with all members present.
  2. A condition, space, or enclosure in which air or other gas is at a pressure greater than that of the outside atmosphere.
  3. The condition of being full; fullness.
  4. A space completely filled with matter.

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× അധികം - Adhikam
× എല്ലാ അംഗങ്ങളും പങ്കെടുക്കുന്ന സമ്മേളനം - Ellaa Amgangalum Pankedukkunna Sammelanam | Ella Amgangalum Pankedukkunna Sammelanam
× സമൃദ്ധി - Samruddhi | Samrudhi


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