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The having of a plurality of wives or husbands at the same time; usually, the marriage of a man to more than one woman, or the practice of having several wives, at the same time; -- opposed to monogamy; as, the nations of the East practiced polygamy. See the Note under Bigamy, and cf. Polyandry.

  1. The condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time. Also called plural marriage.
  2. Zoology A mating pattern in which a single individual mates with more than one individual of the opposite sex.

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× ബഹുഭര്‍ത്തൃത്വം - Bahubhar‍ththruthvam | Bahubhar‍thruthvam
× ബഹുഭാര്യത്വം - Bahubhaaryathvam | Bahubharyathvam
× ബഹുഭർത്തൃത്വം - Bahubharththruthvam | Bahubharthruthvam
× ബഹുഭാര്യാത്വം - Bahubhaaryaathvam | Bahubharyathvam


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