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The act of uniting or joining two or more things into one, or the state of being united or joined; junction; coalition; combination.

  1. The act of uniting or the state of being united.
  2. A combination so formed, especially an alliance or confederation of people, parties, or political entities for mutual interest or benefit.
  3. Mathematics A set, every member of which is an element of one or another of two or more given sets.
  4. Agreement or harmony resulting from the uniting of individuals; concord.
  5. The state of matrimony; marriage: "The element that was to make possible such a union was trust in each other's love” ( Kate Chopin).
  6. Sexual intercourse.
  7. A combination of parishes for joint administration of relief for the poor in Great Britain.
  8. A workhouse maintained by such a union.
  9. A labor union.
  10. A coupling device for connecting parts, such as pipes or rods.
  11. A device on a flag or ensign, occupying the upper inner corner or the entire field, that signifies the union of two or more sovereignties.
  12. An organization at a college or university that provides facilities for recreation; a student union.
  13. A building housing such facilities.
  14. The United States of America regarded as a national unit, especially during the Civil War.
  15. Of, relating to, or loyal to the United States of America during the Civil War: a Union soldier.
  16. Of or relating to a labor union or labor union organizing: the union movement; union negotiations.

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സക്തി - Sakthi ;സമാജം - Samaajam | Samajam ;സംയോഗം - Samyogam ;ഏകത്വം - Ekathvam ;യോജനാ - Yojanaa | Yojana ;ഒപ്പാരം - Oppaaram | Opparam ;

ഘട - Ghada ;ഉടമ്പടി - Udampadi ;ഏകാത്മത - Ekaathmatha | Ekathmatha ;സംശ്ലേഷം - Samshlesham ;സംവലനം - Samvalanam ;ഒരുമ - Oruma ;ഐക്യം - Aikyam ;കൂടല്‍ - Koodal‍ ;യോജിപ്പ് - Yojippu ;സന്ധി - Sandhi ;ഉടന്പടി - Udanpadi ;ലയനം - Layanam ;ഒന്നിപ്പ് - Onnippu ;ഏകമനസ്സ്‌ - Ekamanassu ;സംയോജനം - Samyojanam ;തൊഴിലാളി സംഘടന - Thozhilaali Samghadana | Thozhilali Samghadana ;ചേര്‍ച്ച - Cher‍cha ;സംശ്ലേഷണം - Samshleshanam ;ഏകീകരണം - Ekeekaranam ;ഉടന്ത - Udantha ;ഐകമത്യം - Aikamathyam ;സംയുഗം - Samyugam ;സഹകരണസംഘം - Sahakaranasamgham ;ഒരുമിപ്പ് - Orumippu ;സംബന്ധം - Sambandham ;ഐക്യമത്യം - Aikyamathyam ;സമാഗമം - Samaagamam | Samagamam ;യോജ്യത - Yojyatha ;ഒന്നിച്ചുകൂടല്‍ - Onnichukoodal‍ ;സ്വരുമ - Svaruma | swaruma ;സ്വരുമിപ്പ് - Svarumippu | swarumippu ;ഏകത - Ekatha ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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