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Partaking of, or exemplifying, the characteristics of a statue; having the symmetry, or other excellence, of a statue artistically made; as, statuesquelimbs; a statuesque attitude.

  1. Suggestive of a statue, as in proportion, grace, or dignity; stately.

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വിശേഷകൊത്തുപണിയായ - Visheshakoththupaniyaaya | Visheshakothupaniyaya ;വിശേഷകൊത്തുപണിയായ - Visheshakoththupaniyaaya | Visheshakothupaniyaya ;പ്രതിമ - Prathima ;പ്രതിമപോലുള്ള - Prathimapolulla ;വിശേഷകൊത്തുപണിയായി - Visheshakoththupaniyaayi | Visheshakothupaniyayi ;പ്രതിമപോലുള്ള - Prathimapolulla ;

പ്രതിമാലക്ഷണമുള്ള - Prathimaalakshanamulla | Prathimalakshanamulla ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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