English Meaning

Voice; speech; language.

  1. The voice, now especially when loud or strong.
  2. Speech, language.
  3. Voice; cry; that which is uttered; petition; prayer.
  4. A word, command, bidding or direction given.
  5. A promise, one's word.
  6. An outcry, shout, or loud call; a clamour/clamor, noise; din.
  7. A sound, the sound of a horn; melody, tune; song; sound made by an animal or a bird.
  8. To speak; utter; describe; tell of; name.
  9. To voice an opinion; vote.
  10. To vouch; speak up (for).
  11. To bespeak.
  12. To talk; call out; shout; make a noise.
  13. A time, occasion.
  14. A set time; a date or appointment.
  15. To call; summon; command; appoint.
  16. To alternate; take turns.


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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