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A kind of drama representing some action in which serious and comic scenes are blended; a composition partaking of the nature both of tragedy and comedy.

  1. A drama combining elements of tragedy and comedy.
  2. The genre made up of such works.
  3. An incident or situation having both comic and tragic elements.

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× ശോക-ഹാസ്യ നാടകം - Shoka-haasya Naadakam | Shoka-hasya Nadakam
× സന്തോഷ സന്താപ സമ്മിശ്ര നാടകം - Santhosha Santhaapa Sammishra Naadakam | Santhosha Santhapa Sammishra Nadakam
× പരമ്പരാഗതമായ - Paramparaagathamaaya | Paramparagathamaya


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